About Us

The Stirlini Story

Established in 2021, Stirlini Coffee Company became a popular gathering place for everyone who enjoys excellent coffee. While operating our coffee bar, we perfected our signature cocktail, the Stirlini Martini®. Our Stirlini Martinis were an instant hit with our customers, and they quickly became our top selling item. With soaring demand for our Stirlini Martinis, we sold our coffee shop to focus on scaling our craft coffeehouse cocktails into a ready-to-drink (RTD) canned cocktail without compromising on quality locally-sourced ingredients and spirits. Today, Stirlini Coffee Company has a rapidly growing list of wholesale customers, including multiple Colorado Costco stores, world-class resorts, luxury hotels, golf courses, restaurants, and liquor stores. And with our Stirlini Martinis now in a can, you can enjoy them at home or during your favorite activity. 

At Stirlini Coffee, we love coffee and a good cocktail and take pride in our craft. We know that great coffee and great cocktails are more than just mere beverages. They bring people together to experience and celebrate life, and that’s what drives us to continue to share our love for craft coffee and cocktails as we strive to become the nation-wide leader in premium coffeehouse cocktails.